Print to Perfection

ContiTech presents at the IGAS

CONTI-AIR Printing Blankets for UV Inks for Energy-Efficient Printing and for Direct Drives

Tokyo, July 2018

  • New CONTI-AIR XENON UV and ONYX for optimum rolling characteristics in direct drive presses
  • New CONTI-AIR DYNACOAT Unique integration of compressible layer for spot coating

Printing blanket specialist ContiTech will present a whole range of new CONTI-AIR products, all of which are precisely tailored to customers' needs and innovatively developed in line with the technical requirements of the market. The new printing blankets CONTI-AIR XENON UV, and ONYX have been specially developed for the demands of the single-drive next generation of higher speed presses. The advanced CONTI-AIR DYNACOAT coating plate is the only product on the market to have an integrated compressible underblanket.

The new printing blankets, CONTI-AIR XENON UV and ONYX, are based on the same carcass but differ in terms of their surface compounds, which are adapted to different fields of use. All three have been designed for the new direct-drive machine generation. "Individually driven cylinders create stronger forces that affect the printing blanket," explains Masae Nishitani, Area Manager for CONTI-AIR Offset Printing Blankets at Continental Elastomer Coatings. "Our new printing blankets compensate for these forces and ensure unrestricted, optimum rolling characteristics."

After extensive testing with the newest LED and other low energy UV curing systems, we have incorporated new polymers to accommodate these specialized UV inks and eliminate the color contamination issues printers often face when wet trapping heavy coverage jobs. The CONTI-AIR XENON UV has been specially designed for UV inks used in energy-efficient printing. Until now, the UV drying process has been very energy-intensive. Today, new technologies ensure the same drying effect with a significantly lower consumption of energy. "The new XENON UV printing blanket has been adapted for use with the latest UV drying technologies and is, therefore, ideal for UV printing," says Nishitani.

The CONTI-AIR ONYX printing blanket is the all-arounder of the three newcomers. "It's suitable for printing shops that use powder free conventional inks which are currently booming in Japanese market," Nishitani states. And problem solver for a critical jobs thanks to the characteristics of the surface of ONXY blanket.

The new CONTI-AIR DYNACOAT has an ICL – an integrated compressible layer. An additional compressible underblanket is, therefore, no longer necessary, saving both time and money. The Polyester based coating plate/blanket is dimensionally stable, therefore, avoiding displacement in the register. CONTI-AIR DYNACOAT is ideal for UV coating, aqueous, and dispersion coatings. The transfer surface is ink-repellent, ensuring no ink build-up and a perfect application of the coating.

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